Vacation 2004
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Surf Contest 04 When I arrived this year, I was not sure if Lisa was going to be there or not.  We exchanged e-mails over the year and she said she "might" see me there but let's face it, long distance relationships usually never work out.  The beach was really crowded when I arrived due to the Robert August Easter Surfing Festival which was scheduled for the  upcoming Easter weekend .  With all the people and surfing activities, I knew my chances of finding Lisa were pretty slim even if she did come back.
Eddie Guilbeau This is one of the surfing contestants contributing to my crowd problem. 
Surfing Contest Here is another one, still no sign of Lisa and the crowds are getting bigger.
Calling WKMG News 6 Here I am, 3 days looking and still no luck.  I needed to find out once and for all if she was here (and I just couldn't find her in the crowds) or if she wasn't coming back.  I called my friends over at  WKMG News 6 to see if they could help me out.
Interview on WKMG News 6 The great people over at channel 6 gave me a spot on the evening news to ask the public for some help finding Lisa.   This was it, if she didn't turn up after this then she obviously wasn't coming back.
Have you seen Lisa? I was asking everyone on the beach if they had seen Lisa.

What to do?

I didn't know what else to do at this point.  I had just about given up all hope...

I finally found here.

Then, while walking back to the condo along  the beach, I heard some water splashing to my left and when I turned to look - there she was with that beautiful smile I thought I would never see again!
I'm not letting go this time. After all this, I was not going to take any chances letting her get away.