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Girls Surfing Contest Winners Here I am celebrating with the winners of the women's competition from the surfing contest.
3X Beachware Here I am practicing for spring break 2017. 
Hot Ice Here I am enjoying some refreshments at the pier.
Arcade Angles These two were helping me use my tokens at the arcade near the pier.
Beach Bebe I'm not sure I can wait till 2017 but these three did say I was definitely college material.   
Ocean View These two were actually on spring break vacationing in Cocoa Beach.
2X Beachware I think that's paradise on my left.
Surfware These two didn't want to get wet but I was still able to talk them into going surfing with me here.
Pier pressure We better head back to the Lisa pages before I get into trouble.  I don't want her to think I'm seeing other women.
Surfing Lessons These are my surfing instructors this year.
I hope I'm ready for this. Here I am heading out for one of my lessons.