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Vehicle:  Little Tikes Pickup Truck #4784 (Age Range 2 - 5) 

Vehicle Power:  12V 14Ah - sealed Gel Cell batteries (2 x 7Ah) 

Entertainment System:  AM/FM CD 


Doors (2): Monsoon MM-1000 Planar Dipole PC speakers used as midrange drivers
A-Pillar (2): 0.6 Inch dome tweeters
Pick-up bed: One 6x9 Inch 2 Ohm, Long-throw subwoofer in infinite baffle enclosure


Eight-channel Family G Monsoon Amplifier with five channels active
Approximately 100 Watts system Power as configured


Headlamps and dual 35W roof mounted Halogen fog lights
LED cluster tail lamps (3)


Horn (siren), switches (4), voltmeter and antenna 

All measurements taken at DLC Design Wixom, Michigan


Frequency Response and SPL measurements being taken on the M2 Vehicle

Frequency Response Plot measured in front seat position

Frequency Response Plot measured in rear outside of vehicle

Maximum (SPL) Sound Pressure Level plot


matts_truck1.jpg (100129 bytes) Vehicle Drawings matts_truck2.jpg (113958 bytes)

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