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My first set of wheels did not come with factory sound so I needed some help from the experts at Delphi Electronics to install the top end system you see here.

Finished truck The finished M2 Vehicle
Audio system The dash; AM/FM/CD, dome tweeters and lights/horn switches
Back view LED cluster tail lights and personalized license plate
Checking rear end Checking the amplifier
Test drive Quick test drive
Jammin Out Jamming out!

All I had to start with was a Little Tikes P/U Truck (Basically stripped) then I started cutting.  I installed a pair of Monsoon MM-1000 Planar Dipole speakers in the doors along with a pair of dome tweeters in the A-pillars.  Finally a down firing Monsoon 6x9 Long-throw Subwoofer below the P/U bed.  The 100W Monsoon 8-channel amplifier is mounted in the P/U bed.

The system rocks (the whole truck) and best of all nobody else can fit into it.

Stock Truck Basic truck straight out of the box
Matt in Truck Let's start putting this together
Battery/subwoofer Underside view showing Subwoofer and battery locations
Door Speaker Driver door speaker installation
Subwoofer Subwoofer and mounting mounting plate
Wire harness Passenger door wiring prior to speaker installation
Bottom View Battery mounting plate, horn, main power switch and various vehicle wiring
100W Amp 100W Amplifier on top of subwoofer enclosure
Fog lights, tail lights etc... Rear view showing Fog lights and LED bar light



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