Vacation 2002
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Cool dude Here I am on the roof of the condo.  The space shuttle was landing just after this picture was taken.
Beach Action 1 I met these two girls on Saturday while walking the beach near the condo.
Beach Action 2 These three on Sunday. 
Pool Babes I hooked  up with these two at the condo pool.
Sand cover up Now here is where I got to have some fun.  This girl talked me into burying her in the sand.  I had to take my time working the rest of the way up - didn't want to miss any spots.
Surfing Lesson Some more surfing lessens again this year.  This years  teacher was a bit more experienced that last years.
Kite Helper I was having a little trouble getting my kite in the air until I found an assistant.
Cooling off in the pool Here I am cooling off.  As you can see things were pretty hot this year.