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Hanging out at the Coco Beach Club Here I am checking things out at the Cocoa Beach club which  is near the pier.

I spent a lot of time in the pool exercising and working on my tan.
Beach Friends When I wasn't with mom and dad, I got the chance to meet some nice people on the beach.

I didn't get their numbers or names, so if anyone knows these girls drop me a line.
Beach friends 2 Here we are heading down to the pier where they showed me some of the sites.

Personally, there was plenty to see at eye level right where I was at.
Feeding birds Lunch time at the beach, here I am feeding the birds some of my sandwich.
Surfing Here I am doing a little surfing.
Surfing lessons Walk on the beach
I was having a little trouble at first, then I got some help from one of the local surfers. Here I  am trying out my new aqua-socks.

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